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Important birds' areas of Uzbekistan (IBAs), entered in International List of IBA in 2007

In February 2008 the inventory and description of 48 suggested IBAs of Uzbekistan were completed and in April 2008 the BirdLife Secretariat approved the data and officially designated the sites as IBAs and these now form part of the global IBA network of more than 10,000 sites. They were entered in BirdLife International Database - World Biodiversity Data Base (WBDB). In Acrobat-file (PDF) is given the characteristic of each IBA: numbers of sites, appropriate numbers of green circles on the map; local name; nature-conservative status; IBA critereas applied to this territory; administrative belonging; central coordinates; altitude; area; globally-threatened birds species; biome species; birds species, making congregations; animals and plants species included in National Red Book of Uzbekistan and Red List of IUCN (UzRDB and RL) dwelling on the territory, and problems of conservation.

Since 2009 inventory and description for potential IBAs was continued. In September 2011 the BirdLife Secretariat approved three more IBAs:

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27 Angren plateau 28 Bashkyzylsai part of Chatkal reserve 32 Tuyabuguz water reservoir 36 Dalverzin Governm. Forestry and Hunting Concession 31 "Balikchi" Fish Farm 30 Arnasay 35 Tuzkan lake 37 Nuratau ridge 40 Jum-Jum 46 Kumkurgan reservoir 48 Aktepe Water Reservoir and Three Lakes 47 Termez 17 Ecocenter "Jeyran" 16 Kagan Fish Farm 15 Tudakul and Kuyumazar water reservoirs 23 Talimarjan reservoir 22 Achikul 18 Karnabchul steppe 14 Vardanzi 20 Zekry lake 21 Dengizkul lake 12 Karakyr lakes 10 Aktau mountain 8 Rogatoe lake 7 Aksay lake and surrounding desert 6 Bukantau mountain 5 Well Kulankak 3 Zholdurbas lake 2 Sudochie Wetland 1 North of Karakalpak Ustyurt 9 Bazaubay massif 25 Pulatkhan alpin plateau 24 Valley of the Oygaing River 45 Darasay Gorge 43 Foothills of the Baysuntay Ridge 44 Sherabad River 33 Kuroma Ridge 34 Pap forestry/Pungan floodplain forest 41 Chimkurgan Reservoir 26 Tereklysay Gorge, Chatkal Nature Reserve 13 Sarmish 11 Khorezm Fish Farm and adjacent lakes 39 Zarafshan State Nature Reserve 38 Katta-Kurgan water reservoir 19 Khodja-Davlet 29 Aydarkul lake 4 Northern part of the Assake-Audan Depression 42 Gissar State Nature Reserve 49 Akpetky lake system and surrounding Aralkum Desert 50 Sarykamysh lake and surrounding Ustyurt Plateau 51 Ayakaghytma lake and surrounding desert
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